Mini Apple Amigurumi

Mini Apple Amigurumi


A friend of mine, who’s also one of my best clients for custom products, asked me to create an end-of-the-year gift for her son’s teachers.

She is a very creative person too and together we decided to make a paper bookmark with attached a mini crochet apple.


I checked online among free and paid patterns for a tiny apple, but I didn’t find exactly what I was searching for (the right size, the yarn,  the type of leaf, etc.), so I decided to create my own pattern and I’m happy to share it with you.

This pattern is totally free, but it’s intellectual property of Elendipity.
You can use it and, of course, you can sell the final products you create, but you cannot sell the pattern or any alteration of the pattern.

You should also credit Elendipity (as pattern creator) whenever you create and/or sell it.

Feel free to tag me on my Instagram if you create it, I would love to see your works!!

Mini Apple Amigurumi top
Mini Apple Amigurumi
Mini Apple Amigurumi hanging


The apple is worked from the top to the bottom.

We will create the stalk and the leaf first because we will attach them to the apple half way through.

At the end of each round, you will find the number of total stitches for that round in brackets.


I used:

  • 2mm crochet hook
  • Cotton Kings 8/4 n. 10 (Red) – less than 5gr.
  • Cotton Kings 8/4 n. 41 (Spring Green) – less than 1gr.
  • Rainbow Cotton 8/4 n. 008 (Dark Brown) – less than 1gr.
  • stitch marker
  • stuffing
  • darning needle

I bought the yarn at Hobbii.


Here below the list of the stitches (US terms) that we are going to use for this project.

  • CH = Chain
  • SC = Single Crochet
  • HDC = Half Double Crochet
  • INC (Increase) = 2 stitches in the same stitch
  • DEC (Decrease) = 1 stitch worked over two stitches – it would be better if you know how to do Invisible Decrease.
  • SS = Slip Stitch
  • st = stitches
  • BLO = Back Loop Only
  • FLO = Front Loop Only

Shall we start? 

Let’s go!!


With Dark Brown, leave a long initial tails (about 7/8cm) and then do a slip knot and CH 5.

  • ROUND 1

Starting from 2nd CH from the hook, SS 4. (4)

Leave a long tail (about 7/8cm) and fasten off.

Apple Amigurumi Stem

With Spring Green, leave a long initial tails (about 7/8cm), do a slip knot and then CH 6.

  • ROUND 1

Starting from 2nd CH from hook, SS 1, SC 1, HDC 2, 3 SS in the last CH.

Now we will crochet in the other side of the chain: HDC 2, SC 1, SS 1, fasten off. (11)

Mini Apple Amigurumi leaf

With the darning needle weave the end through the leaf so that the tails (initial tail and end tail) will be together. 

  • ROUND 1

With Red

SC 6 in a magic ring. (6)

  • ROUND 2

[SC 2, INC] x 2 times. (8)

  • ROUND 3

[SC 1, INC] x 4 times. (12)

  • ROUND 4

[SC 1, INC] x 6 times. (18)

  • ROUND 5

[SC 2, INC] x 6 times. (24)

Now it’s the moment to add the stalk and the leaf to the top of the apple.

Using a darning needle, we will insert the threads of the stalk and we insert them in the middle of the MC that we did at the beginning.

We will do the same then with the leaf, see PIC n. 1.

Mini apple attaching leaf and stalk
PIC n. 1

Now we turn the work upside down and we press the top up to the wrong side, so we will see better the threads we just put through the MC, see PIC n. 2.

Mini apple attaching leaf and stalk
PIC n. 2

We will make a doulbe knot for each pair of thread and we cut the extra thread, see PIC n. 3.

Now we press the work back to the right side and we continue with the pattern.

Mini apple attaching leaf and stalk3
PIC n. 3
  • ROUND 6-9 (4 Rounds)

SC 24 (24)

  • ROUND 10

[SC 2, DEC] x 6 times (18)

  • ROUND 11

[SC 1, DEC] x 6 times (12)

Fill the apple with stuffing, trying to stuff less on the top part (where you attached the stem and the leaf – round 1 and 2)

Round 1 and 2 will be pressed inside the apple, instructions after Round 12.

  • ROUND 12

DEC all around (6)

Cut a long tail (about 10cm), close the apple passing the thread in the fron loop of the last 5SC and pull tight.

Now we will insert the hook in the middle of the stitches we just closed (PIC n. 4) and we take the needle out from the opposite side, close to the centre of the top (PIC N. 5) and then we will insert the needle in the centre of the original MC (PIC n. 6), we pull tight in order to low stem and leaf inside the apple (PIC n. 7).

Now weave the end and cut the thread.

Mini apple attaching centre bottom
PIC N. 4
Mini apple attaching top
pic N. 5
Mini apple attaching top centre
PIC N. 6
Mini Apple Amigurumi final
PIC N. 7

And HERE WE ARE: your apple is done! 🍎

Now you can decide to leave it like this or to add a keychain or, as I did, to add a loop in order to attach the apple to the bookmark.

Here below some photos of how I attached the loop between round 4 and 5.

*** TIP *** if you struggle to count the rounds from the MC (because now it’s inside the apple), you can count backwards from the last round in the bottom.

Mini apple attaching loop
Mini apple attaching loop 1
Mini apple attaching loop 2
Mini apple attaching loop 3
Mini apple attaching loop 4
Mini apple attaching loop 5

After we created the loop, we cut the thread and we will weave the ends…the loop is done and secure!

I hope you enjoyed this Free Pattern 🥰

I have other many patterns available that you can find at this link.

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Feel free to tag me on my Instagram if you create it, I would love to see your works!

Happy Crochet! 


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