Bias – Corner

Bias – Corner


The bias is something that becomes essential to know after a while that you are using the sewing machine.

From simple pot holders to a T-shirt collar, we always talk about bias!

In this post I would just like to share with you how to sew the bias in the corner because, when I started to use it, I didn’t really know how to do it and my works were affected by this, they didn’t look really finished.

Actually the bias is a great finish to make all your works look like professional.


So, as always, YouTube and Pinterest helped me to understand how I could do it: I found many blogs where they explain how to proceed, with photos and text, but I didn’t find many videos clear that explained step by step.

So, after having learned the technique, I decided to make a video-tutorial to explain how to do and here below you can watch it.

Under the video, always in this page, you will find a suggestion that was very helpful to me in order to make the bias appear good in the back as well.


Once you have fixed the bias, before the final seam, turn the work and check that you do not see the previous seam on the back so it will be perfect there too.

Bias clips front

As you can see in the pictures, if you use the clips, instead of the pins, I recommend placing them with their ends at the edge of the bias. Doing that, you can immediately check if the back matches with the front and if the seam will be correct.

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