Let’s start saying that I love pouches, wallets etc, more than the bags.

I like to have many of them, actually more than I need ☹

I found that the problem, however, is that they are certainly all beautiful, but many times when you want to put them in a purse or in your coat pockets it became a problem – too big for that!

The first problem was having too many fidelity cards. I solved this by downloading an app called “Stocard”, which works both in the UK and in Italy. You can save there all your cards and then, at the supermarket / stores, they simply scan the barcode on the app.

big wallet in pocket

I also use the credit card often with my phone, but sometimes you need to have it with you, in case the payment exceeds a certain amount. And plus having some cash with you is convenient too.

I didn’t find wallets like this in the shops, at a good price, so I decided to do it myself!


I searched online, as always, something simple to create and also useful and I came across this video.

I have known this video through the blog of “Creativitá Organizzata”, which I thank for the idea and because they indicated the measurements that weren’t in the original video – here is the link to their post.

I really liked the idea of an only one seam and I made it, but still the measurements did not fit for my purpose of mini-wallet for small purses.

So I took my credit card and tried to adapt the measurements.

Here below you find the measurements (cm) I used.


I highly recommend laminated cotton or a light syntethic leather, as you see in the pictures.

MiniWallet laminated cotton

In any case it’s better using a strong fabric but not too heavy and thick because you will have to sew on many folds and you may have problems with the sewing machine needle.

And last but not least, you can do this for women and for men!!

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