Felt and blanket stitch

Felt and blanket stitch


Every year I look for inspiration to create placeholders for Christmas lunch (luckily we’re not too many people at lunch, otherwise I should start working in September 😬). I always look for something that we all could reuse the following year.

With patience, needle and thread, I decided to try the blanket stitch (or buttonhole stitch).

Years before I went to “Fiera di Bergamo – Creattiva” (a famous Italian fair about DIY and sewing) and I had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Evelyne of Country Dolls. She is a very interesting and lovely person who decided to change her life by dedicating herself to fabrics and creativity…a dream for many DIY lovers! Thanks to her I learned this technique and I did a cute keychain!

Years later, therefore, I decided to reinterpret the technique in a Christmas perspective and I created what you can see in the images at the page’s end.

All with a mini-slot on top so, after Christmas lunch or in the following years, you can hang them on the Christmas tree or around the house!


Since unfortunately I am not good at drawing at all, in order to make them, I simply searched online the images I wanted (reindeer, Christmas tree, Santa’s boot, etc.), I saved them in a word document and I adapted the fit of them to the size I wanted.

After that, I brought the drawings back on the felt and I cut them in two parts (front and back); I suggest you to take the two parts, to start sewing with blanket stitch and to slowly insert the padding.

Sew and padd, sew and padd until it is finished.


  • Print the pattern a little bit bigger than you would like it will be because with padding and seams we always need a few centimeters more;
  • Avoid drawings with too many tips or corners and prefer rounded designs (so, unless you’re super good and precise, but also extremely patient, avoid the stars 😊);
  • If you want to add details (letters, buttons, etc), I suggest you to do it before sewing and padding.

Unfortunately I didn’t do a video-tutorial yet, but for any questions you can write me here!

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