Bib Case

Bib Case


BIBs, the essential for those who have kids!

If you do not want to constantly wash baby clothes, the bib is a fundamental element of parenting life!

If you are home, you can put everything immediately in the washing machine and you go to get a clean one directly from the drawer, but when the children are in school? Educators need a clean bib for each kid and so what better way than having one ready inside a bag?

Hence the idea of creating a bib case useful for the school kit.


Here below you can see a video tutorial with all the explanation step-by-step (I apologize for the audio, but I had some problems ☹ during the editing , but I’m sure you will be able to understand all the steps anyway).

Just below the video, always in this page, you can see the list of material and measurements needed to create your bib case: if you will use cotton and washable padding, your bib case will be completely washable!


External Part

  • First fabric’s piece – closure (in the video: laminated fabric with the owls) – 26 x 14
  • Second fabric’s piece (in the video: red and white striped fabric) – 28 x 26

Internal – made up of fabric + the padding (optional)

  • Fabric’s piece (in the video: red and white striped fabric) – 41 x 26
  • Padding – 41 x 26

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A special thanks to Valeria who helped me with the measurements!!!

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