Christmas Tree, recycling a magazine

Christmas Tree, recycling a magazine


This is my first Christmas project in London.

Unfortunately, for logistical and space reasons, I wasn’t able transfer all my Christmas decorations from Milan to London and buying everything new was not an option 😅.

So, for this Christmas, I decided to try something different.

In terms of savings and sustainability, I decided to recycle.

A few years ago I saw these Christmas trees made with magazines and I remembered that I did something similar when I was a kid using a small comics magazine.

So I thought to do an online search about photos and tutorials and I created my first paper Christmas Tree for the flat where I live and another one for the office.


Since I found some different techniques online, I decided to mix them up a bit and I created a tutorial to show you how to do it step by step: at this link or here below you can find the full video-tutorial.

It is a very simple project, which you can do even with kids because it doesn’t require scissors, glue, etc. and, plus, it is a way to recycle which is always a good thing!

For the next year I already have in mind to create some in different sizes and decorate them as normal Christmas trees, maybe I could even painting them in green.


  • Avoid magazines with pages that are too thick because otherwise you will have a hard time folding them
  • The more pages there are, the more the tree will be “thick”, but folding the last pages could be a little bit difficult, so maybe just try and see if it’s too hard.

If you create one or more trees following my tutorial, I would be happy to see them: tag me on my Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest!

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