Cat Granny Square

Cat Granny Square


I love cats!
And I always try to create crochet projects with cats, like this bag in the photo – pattern available here,

Cat Playing bag
Cat Crochet Applique

or like my most recent crochet project, this Cat Applique.

Free Pattern at this link.

Immediately after creating this Cat Applique, I thought that I could use it to create a Granny Square.

I searched a lot for Cat Granny Square online and I always found only the cat’s face or the cat’s paws, or the cat was simply an applique on a Granny Square already made: I wanted to have a Granny Square with the Cat as part of it from the beginning and not added later and…here we are!

I found the way to do this with this Cat Applique and I would love to share it with you.


This pattern is totally free, but it’s intellectual property of Elendipity.
You can use it and, of course, you can sell the final products you create, but you cannot sell the pattern or any alteration of the pattern. 

If you can share the pattern for free, but remember that you should also always credit Elendipity (as pattern creator) whenever you create and/or sell it and/or share it.

Feel free to tag me on my Instagram if you create it, I would love to see your works!!


To create the Cat Granny Square you will have to first crochet the Cat (Cat Applique at this link) and then you can move on with this pattern to create the Granny Square.


I used:

  • 3.5mm crochet hook
  • Rainbow Cotton 8/8 – less than 5gr for the Granny Square part (less than 2gr for the Cat) – You can use the yarn you want of course, I’m telling you only the yarn I used for this project
  • stitch marker
  • darning needle

I bought the yarn at Hobbii.


Here below the list of the stitches (US terminology) that you are going to use for this project.

  • CH = Chain
  • SS = Slip Stitch
  • SC = Single Crochet
  • HDC = Half Double Crochet (only for the cat)
  • DC = Double Crochet
  • TC = Treble Crochet (only for the cat)
  • st = stitches

What you find in brackets “(…)” is all in one stitch/chain space.

Ready to start? 

Let’s go!!


* * * No Cat Appliques were harmed in the making of these Granny Squares! 😅 * * *


Take the cat and insert the yarn where you have the stitch marker (which should be your first HDC of the cat’s body)

Cat Granny Square 1
  • R1

Now do CH 5 and then SC 3 in correspondence of the 3 TC on the cat’s body

Cat Granny Square 2
  • Continuing R1

CH 6, SC 2 in correspondence of the 2 DC made between the ears.

Cat Granny Square 3
  • Continuing R1

CH 6, SC 3 in correspondence of the 3 TC on the cat’s body (other side)

Cat Granny Square 4
  • Continuing R1

CH 5, SC 1 in correspondence of the last HDC on the cat’s body

Cat Granny Square 5
  • Continuing R1

CH 1 on the back of the tail (keeping the tail as in the picture).

Join with a SS in the first CH (of 5) you did at the beginning – where you inserted the yarn.

Cat Granny Square 6
  • R2

CH 5, turn.

The first 2 CH will count as DC (you will understand later, at the end of the round)

Cat Granny Square 7
  • Continuing R2

Now you are creating the corner, so in the 5CH space of the previous round, you will do (DC 3, CH 2, DC 3).

Cat Granny Square 8
  • Continuing R2

Now you will proceed with CH 3, (DC 3, CH 2, DC 3) in the next 6CH space of the previous round.

Cat Granny Square 9
  • Continuing R2

Again CH 3, (DC 3, CH 2, DC 3) in the next 6CH space of the previous round and continue with CH 3, (DC 3, CH 2, DC 2* in the next 5CH space of the previous round.

*You will do only 2 DC (as you can see in brackets) because the third DC is the the first 2 CH you did at the beginning of the round.

Join with a SS to the 2nd CH of the 5 CH you did at the beginning.

Cat Granny Square 10
  • R3

CH 3, turn.

In the first picture, you see just the CH 3.

In the second picture you see the same CH 3 but when you have already turned.

You will notice the we are now working on the front again (you can see the cat’s tail)

Cat Granny Square 11
Cat Granny Square 12
  • Continuing R3

(DC 3, CH 2, DC 3) for the corner – in the 2CH space.

Cat Granny Square 13
  • Continuing R3

CH 1, (3DC) in the 3CH space, CH 1, (DC 3, CH 2, DC 3) for the corner – in the 2CH space.

Cat Granny Square 14
  • Continuing R3

CH 1.

Now you will work (3DC) where you worked the SC 2 in Round 1.

Follow the needle in the pictures to understand where to go and to create the 3 DC.

Cat Granny Square 15
Cat Granny Square 16
Cat Granny Square 17
Cat Granny Square 18
Cat Granny Square 19
  • Continuing R3

CH 1, (DC 3, CH 2, DC 3) for the corner – in the 2CH space, CH 1, (3DC) in the 3CH space, CH 1, (DC 3, CH 2, DC 3) for the corner – in the 2CH space, CH 1, now you will work (2DC) where you worked the SC 1 + CH 1 in Round 1 at the bottom of the cat.

The first DC will be exactly in the previous SC and the second one in the 1CH space, follow the pictures with the position of needle to understand better.

Cat Granny Square 20
Cat Granny Square 21
  • Continuing R3

At the end, you will join with a SS on the 2nd CH made at the beginning of this round – where indicated by the needle.

Cat Granny Square 22
  • Finishing

After you’ve done the last st (SS), you will cut a little bit of a tail to weave in.

Take the darning needle and weave all the ends (this one and the initial one, when you joined the new colour) and your CAT GRANNY SQUARE is done! 😍🐈‍⬛


Cat Granny Square 23
  • Blocking

Now, if you want, you could block the Cat Granny Square to give a better shape, you can also move the tail and put it in your favourite position.


If you prefer, you can also sew the tail simply using sewing thread and a sewing needle.

You can add eyes and whiskers… it’s all up to your creativity!


Cat Granny Square 24
Cat Granny Square 25

Now that you have mastered the pattern you can create as many as Cat Granny Square you want.

You can use different yarn and you can join them together to create various projects: pillow covers, bags, etc.

I’m creating the combo Black+Purple for Halloween and the gold glitter Red+Green for Christmas, etc.

Cat Granny Square

I hope you enjoyed this Free Pattern 🥰

I have other many patterns available that you can find at this link.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any explanation for the pattern – you can write me at

I also offer crochet lessons (both in person or online) if you need some help with crochet creations and reading patterns.

You find all the info at this link.


Feel free to tag me on my Instagram if you create it, I would love to see your works!

Happy Crochet! 

🧶 🐈‍⬛


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  • Marie Dubach
    August 4, 2022 7:35 pm

    I love your patterns. The problem is how many pages I have to print out. Printer ink is not cheap!

    • elendipity
      August 5, 2022 9:31 am

      Thanks for your comment, we’re happy you love our patterns.
      Our patterns are long because they have many photos in order to show better the process.
      I know printer ink is not cheap, but, in case you decide not to print it, I can guarantee you that our patterns will remain online for you forever, so you can always come back to this page to view it and use it.

  • Bridget
    January 15, 2024 4:47 pm

    Hi there,
    I was hoping to find out if you know of a technique for building an applique into a solid granny square with no gaps please?
    I have just recently done one that I’d love to turn into a granny square to use as a square pocket for a project I’, working on but am still fairly new to this sort of thing and don’t know how to work out the right stitches by myself, so any guidance would be very much appreciated!

    • elendipity
      January 16, 2024 12:26 pm

      Hi Bridget,
      thanks for your comment.
      Well, actually it is not that easy to connect appliques to Granny Squares. First you have to master the Granny Square method to understand where the applique could go and then you have to do a little bit of maths to see where to connect it. The easiest alternative might be just sewing the applique onto an already made Granny Square, that way you don’t have to do any calculation, you just do them separately and you sew them together.


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