About Us


My name is Eleonora and I’m from Milan, living in London from 2019.

I left my corporate job and turned my passion for creating crafts into a full-time job. I loves animals, especially cats, and hates places where animals are considered objects. 

I started crocheting at a young age, and later learned to sew using online tutorials and books. I started creating diverse projects, experimenting with new techniques and patterns. 

Me with one of my skirts

I decided to share my ideas and tutorials through a dedicated YouTube channel, hoping to inspire others to find happiness and relaxation in creating crafts.

I’m now a crochet and sewing teacher and you can find more about my classes here.


My business name is the fusion of my name, Eleonora, with Serendipity because it is a passion born by chance that makes me happy.

How IT started

I started crocheting when I was a little girl, about 9/10 years old, because I saw my mom creating doilies, dresses for new-borns etc. and I wanted to learn too: I started making skirts for my sister’s Barbies.

At the beginning it wasn’t easy at all also because I’m left-handed! At the time, almost nothing was available for left-handers, especially explanations for sewing and crochet so I learned to use it with the right hand!

This times it’s all much easier with internet and I started crocheting again (yes, still with the right hand 😂) and I fell in love with Amigurumi 😍

Crochet one to one in person
Christmas Tree felt and padding

My journey with sewing and handcrafted items began some years ago when I  started creating Christmas placeholders with various techniques (which you can find here) and I continued experimenting with sewing and handcrafting.

Sewing Machine

At some point I decided that I wanted to learn how to use the sewing machine to make some hems.

A friend explained the basis to me and I started: in the meantime, I started also watching tutorials online and from the hem I went to fix some clothes, broken seams, etc.

One day I was little bit sad because I was in a clothing store and I couldn’t find a skirt that I wanted, as I wanted, so I said: ok I will do it myself!

It wasn’t as simple as it may seem, because I had to study a lot…on sewing schools’ books and with online tutorials which are still really useful.

I started to create the most various things, from skirts for myself (in the pic, one of my first skirts), to projects for new parents, etc. Every time I dedicate myself to a project I learn new things about sewing machines, new techniques to use, patterns, etc.

my first half-circle skirt

After the first creations I realized that the tutorials were (and they still are!) very useful for me, so why not sharing projects with my tutorials on a dedicated YouTube channel??

So here I am: I would like to share with you my ideas and my tutorials telling you that creating can make you very happy and relaxed, but remember that you have to be really patient because usually you can’t create things overnight: you need dedication and study, but also carefreeness!

Enjoy it 😘

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