Circle Skirt

Circle Skirt

Which vibes come to mind when you see these skirts?

I’ll go first: SUMMER!!

I love this type of skirt because it’s easy and fast to wear, you can choose the fabric you want and it can be perfect for both women and little girls! And, plus, it is really simple to do!

You can do a basic one with just an elastic band and cotton fabric, but you can also use different fabrics combined and/or add all the trimming you want: look this one for example, I added a bow and a trimming border, crochet style.


CircleSkirt details
CircleSkirt details trim


I know, now you started to think:

very cool 😎, but… 😱

How do I do this?

Where do I start?

Are there patterns or can I do all by myself?

Which fabric should I use?

Ok, don’t panic, there is an answer for everything and it’s easier than what you think!

Let’s start from the beginning!

YOU CAN DO THIS BY YOURSELF: you don’t necessarily need a pattern; actually, I would say that it’s much better not following a pattern in this case because it’s really easy to take the measurements (just two: waist and length of the skirt) and the calculation is not that complicated – so you will have the size you want and you can create the same for other people, maybe doing a matching skirt mum-daughter!


As mentioned, first thing to do will be taking the measurements of your waist and then of desired length of the skirt: it means the length from your waist to where you want your skirt will end (be careful to always consider the hem seam allowance).

Waist measurement
Length measurement

The idea is that your waist is a circumference and you have to calculate the radius to report that number on the fabric: don’t worry, trust me, it’s easier doing it than thinking about it, you don’t have to be a maths expert, you can find anything on our dear friend “internet”.

CircleSkirt cutting

If you don’t want to search everywhere, I could suggest the video I recorded where you can follow step by step how to calculate the measurements, how to fold the fabric and how to create the skirt, here below the video that you can also find at this link.


The video above is for the normal skirt with one layer, but, if you want, you can create more layers (maybe with some tulle underneath), see the next photo.

CircleSkirt adult
CircleSkirt child

It’s the same kind of skirt, but on double layers.

It’s a fun project and you take the measurements in the same way of the basic one (one layer).


I would recommend this video by @MADEeveryday, starting from min. 14.26, she will guide you through the double layer circle skirt.


Last but not least: the FABRIC and the ELASTIC!

The good news is that you can basically use any fabric you want!!

My suggestion is to use cotton, maybe with a little bit of elastane.

Both projects you see in the photos are made with normal 100% cotton.

For the elastic, it really depends on what you prefer, but I would suggest a 5cm elastic matching the fabric (in the video you can understand how long the elastic should be); there are a lot of elastics on the market: with stripes, with trimming, with flowers, etc.

I hope I fired up your imagination! Please send me your creation, I’m very curious to see your projects!

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Have a lovely sewing day!

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