Christmas Tree – Crochet

Christmas Tree – Crochet


As you can see from my Christmas collection (you can found it here), I love creating for Christmas and I love Christmas 🎄
I actually have to say that I started DIY projects exactly from Christmas ideas!

This year I decided to create something using crochet, an old passion that came back to my mind (and my hands!) recently.

I went on Pinterest and I searched for free patterns: I found many of them, but they didn’t have the size I wanted or the decoration I wanted; soooo, after some experiments (not all nice I have to admit 😂), I came out with my own pattern, which you can see below. A photo-tutorial step by step.

This pattern is totally free because I like sharing with everybody who wants to learn or improve.
You can use it and, of course, you can sell the final products you do, but please don’t sell the pattern (which is also illegal by the way… just saying 🤷‍♀️😂).
If you wish, tag me on my Instagram profile when you create some of them, I would be happy to see the results!!



Firstly you should choose the yarns!

You can buy them in your favorite shop, but, since I’m writing this post in 2020 (world pandemic with shops closed 😢), I had to buy them online.

The type of yarn depends on which tree measures you want.

You will need:

  • green (for the tree)
  • brown (for the trunk)
  • different colours for Christmas baubles or crochet tinsels

My yarn is 100% acrylic.

I used a 2mm crochet hook, because I wanted my tree not too big, so I chose a yarn which was suitable for crochet hook between 2mm and 4mm.

My tree is 60mm (width) x 73mm (height) excluding the loop.

Yarn colours

Here below the list of the stitches (US terms) we are going to use for this project.
Don’t worry, also a beginner can do it, it just asks a little bit of practice.

  • CH = Chain
  • SC = Single Crochet
  • 2SCTOG = 2 Single Crochet together to decrease
  • SS = Slip Stitch

On YouTube you can find a lot of videos about how to create the 2TOG.

Shall we start? 

Let’s go!!


Let’s begin with the tree (green part).

Follow  the rows  (at the end of each row you can find the stitch count in brackets):

CH 18

crochet tree ch

SC in 2nd CH from the hook

SC in every other stitch until the end (17)

crochet tree row 1

CH 1, turn.

2 SCTOG, SC in the next 13 stitches, 2 SCTOG 



crochet tree row 2

CH 1, turn.

SC in every stitch until the end (15)

ROW 4 – 14

Alternate Row 2 and Row 3. 

In one row you will decrease and in one row it will be normal single crochet all along.

(for exampe Row 4 will be the same of Row 2 and Row 5 will be the same of Row 3, etc)



Until you reach the count of 3 stitches.

crochet tree row 4-14
crochet tree last row
ROW 15

CH 1, turn.

2 SCTOG, SC 1 (2)

ROW 16

CH 1, turn.

1 SCTOG (1)

ROW 17

CH 1, turn.

SS in the last stitch remaining.


Don’t cut the yarn and continue with the loop.

crochet tree row 15


12 CH

SS in the first CH

SS in the previous SS (the one made in row 17)


Then cut the thread, fasten off and weave the ends in.



Turn the tree upside-down.

Count 6 stitches from the right and insert the hook.

Take the brown colour from the back of the tree and proceed as follows:


CH 1

*SC 5, CH 1  and turn* starting from the 7st from the right.

Repeat * for 4 rows



Fasten off and weave the ends in.


change colour
tree and truck

Now that you finished your tree, you can decorate it as you wish.
Here below I will show you how to decorate the tree with two different methods, 1. a sort of “Christmas baubles” and 2. a sort of “Christmas Tinsel“, always using crochet.



Option 1:

Magic Ring (MR) and then work R1 in it.

Option 2:

CH 2 and then work R1 in the first CH.




SC 4 in the MR or in the first CH

Close with a SS in the first SC



Create as many baubles as you want to put on tree. Here below I will show you how to attach them to the tree.

Let’s start with deciding the position of our Christmas baubles.

Once you did that, take the crochet from the back side of the tree and make it pass in the hole of the Christmas bauble (see image).

Take one of the thread of the Christmas baubles you will find in the right side and make it pass to the back side with the crochet.


Now do the same with the second thread



When you turn the tree you will see the two threads.


Tie a knot to block the Christmas bauble.


christmas ball position
christmas ball attach
christmas ball attachment
christmas ball knot
christmas ball knot

Now you can attach the other Christmas baubles if any.

xmas ball
xmas ball
xmas ball


Insert the crochet from the front side of the tree, take the thread which will be behind the tree and bring in the front side.



Continue like this creating a SS every time.

Christmas Tinsle
Christmas Tinsle

This will be the result, front and back and all together!!

Tinsle front
TInsle back
christmas tree all

Now you can hook them directly on your Christmas tree, you can create a garland and hook them in the house.

One thing I like to do before hooking is blocking them!

There are many tecniques to block crochet projects; in this case I used some water-based glue on the back of the tree.

I would suggest watching this video, where you can understand better how to do it. 


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