Diapers and wipes bag

Diapers and wipes bag


First time I did this diapers and wipes bag was for a gift for new parents.

I studied some of them with online tutorials and then I decided to draw my own by making some changes.

I asked some new parents what could be useful for them and it turned out that the thing they wanted the most was a small thing that could fit in a baby bag or a stroller: so I took some measurement and I tried to minimize it.


After the first one, I decided to give away more and sell some 😉 – at the end of the page you can see some of them.

At the same time, as I also say in “About Me“, having found the online tutorials very useful I decided to record one myself and actually this was one of the first videos 😍.

Here below and at this link you can find the video with all the measurements.

For convenience, I will give you the measurements also here (you can find them on this page after the video).


FABRIC (2 different fabrics):

  • 2 pieces 40×26 (1 for each fabric, outer and lining)
  • 3 pieces 26×16 (2 with the same fabric as the outer – for the pockets, 1 for the internal part of one pocket)
  • 2 pieces 10×6 (you can choose the same fabric for the outer, the lining or both.


  • 1 piece of 78 or 3 pieces of 26


  • 1 piece 40×26
  • 1 piece 26×16
  • 1 piece of 10×6


  • 1 of 30 (2 zips if you want to put them on both pockets)


  • 1 of 26×16 (printer paper is fine)

As promised, here some of the pics

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