Pot Holder – Square

Pot Holder – Square


I wanted to start creating something for my kitchen and I was approaching the quilt technique so I decide to do this Pot Holder with a square shape.

It’s a really easy project that can done also by beginners, it requests just a little bit of attention to details.


To explain it better I also did a video-tutorial you can see here below.

Under the video, in the same page, you can find the measurement and some tips.


The measurement of this one are really easy because it’s just a square of 15cmx15cm (6’’x6’’), but you can create yours with the measurements you prefer.

You will need:

  • 1 piece of front/outer fabric
  • 1 piece of padding (you choose the thickness)
  • 1 piece of heat padding: I use InsulBright (which I bought here). You have to find which is the side brighter because it means that’s the side which protect from the heat. Then that side has to put facing the back fabric so you don’t get burnt when you touch pots and pans.
  • 1 piece of back fabric
  • Bias Tape (the measurement for 15cm/6” pot holder square is at least 75cm/30”) and here you can find my video about how to put the bias also in the corner.


I suggest to use a strong fabric because it will be something you use often.

Further, it will be used in the kitchen and so most likely it will get dirty and you will need to put it in the washing machine often 😉


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