Half Circle Skirt

Half Circle Skirt


The half circle skirt is one of the basics for various types of skirt and, over than the circle skirt, is the simplest skirt you can do at the beginning.

Since it is a simple skirt to create, you can have fun in choosing the fabric depending on the season which you want to wear it.

Here you can see that I chose a floral pattern and a 100% cotton because I wanted to wear it in spring/summer and I have to say that I fell in love with this fabric at the first sight.

The half circle skirt is very versatile: depending on the fabric and length you can decide to wear it with a sports shoes or heels, that’s why I love this model.


For measurements and then to create your own pattern you have to use a little math 😊, but don’t worry! We are not talking about algorithms and later, in this page, I will explain you how to do.

Waist measurement

First of all, however, you should take the measurements of your waist and then of desired length of the skirt: it means the length from your waist to where you want your skirt will end (be careful to always consider the hem seam allowance).

Length measurement


Now you should proceed with the creation of the pattern.

You may put the measurements directly on the fabric, but I always prefer to create the pattern then I can reuse it several times – adjusting only the length (since I have already made the effort of calculating the measurements 😊, why don’t keep it?)

Here below you can see (both in Italian and in English) the measurements (cm) I used for my pattern, you can keep the calculation base to create your own.

HalfCircleSkirt measurement for pattern

My waist actually is about 65cm but I didn’t want this skirt started exactly on my waist, but little bit lower, so I took the measurement little lower and that’s why you see 76cm as waist in the calculation above.


Especially if they are the first skirts you are doing, I recommend:

  • be very careful about the measurements and maybe use a wider seam allowance (I now use 1cm, but at the beginning I used to use 1.5cm);
  • use a normal zip (not an invisible zip)
  • continue to try the skirt on while sewing the various parts (and, why not?, “try” even the pattern before putting it on the fabric)

I hope to be able to make a video-tutorial shortly so I can show you how to apply the pattern on the fabric, meanwhile I suggest you to watch my video of the circle skirt that you can find here, where you can find useful info about how to draw the pattern once you have the measurement.

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