Wedding Favour

Wedding Favour


When I was asked to create a wedding favor, I thought I would never be able to!

When we talk about wedding favor (especially years ago when I made these) we often think of something pompous, challenging and expensive.

In this case, the bride-to-be, a former colleague of mine, asked me explicitly something simple and totally handmade.

wedding favor extract

She had already bought the “main” wedding favors but she wanted something handmade, simple but cute, to give to colleagues in the office, people living in their same building, friends of their parents etc.

I did a little research and I found this idea of “re-creating” husband and wife with simple wooden clothespins.

I love two things about this project besides creativity in itself:

  1. You can do them for any type of future spouses, not necessarily just husband and wife (but husband/husband and wife/wife)… the whole thing is personalizing them;
  2. They can be re-used! We are always talking about a clothespin 😉! If you don’t want to use it just for the clothes, you can always use it to hold a photo, to close a kitchen bag etc.

Ask the future spouses if they have favourite colours for the wedding, maybe customize the hair colour, draw a necklace, take inspiration from the clothes that they will wear on the wedding day, etc.

Now that you have all the info, you can proceed!


With 4 simple steps your wedding favor will be ready!


As you can see in the image, you simply have to draw in pencil the two figures on the individual parts of the clothespin.


Then you will move on to the colour step: you can use tempera, as I did, but also indelible markers for wood are fine.

Once you have coloured everything, you will pass a polishing spray that also fixes the colour: if you don’t have it and don’t want to buy it, you can also use hairspray 😉


After the colour and polishing step: you can start by gluing any veils or skirts or anything you think can customize your wedding favor: hot glue is fine, but also various kind of strong glue, just make sure they are compatible with wood.


Now you can think to the confetti (sugared almond).

Prepare the confetti’s bags with small wedding bags or with some veil of tulle and then tie them to one side of the clothespin as you can see in the picture.


I recommend to:

  • Proceed in series: start making all the pencil drawings, then colour the first part and, after that, the second part. In this way, especially if they are many (I had to do about 50 of them), when you have finished the last one, the first one will already be dry.
  • Start with white (or light colours) and then proceed with black (or dark colours) so you can correct any errors
  • Be always careful that everything is dry (tempera, glue, etc.) before proceeding to the next step
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